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  • Model No:-H.P.M.S-202
  • Model No:-H.P.M.S-202
  • Model No:-H.P.M.S-202
  • Model No:-H.P.M.S-202

Model No:-H.P.M.S-202
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The complete Turkish bath units combine the advantages of steam, sauna and the force of water, right in the comfort of your home. Inside the multi-system, multi-function sprinklers, vertical jets of activated toning action or focused dorsal massages, foot jets, Ozone generator, steam dispenser for the anti-Toxins Steam Bath. also included in the intelligent thermostatics tap ware that keep the selected water temperature constant, convenient storage shelves, mirror, anti-skid shower trey, a computerized radio tuner, hand shower, chromotherapy system and everything else you need for the ultimate relaxation of physical and emotional constitution. 

  • Tub with Jacuzzi System 
  • 3.8mm Acrylic Sheet
  • 5.0mm Toughened Safety Glass
  • Rain Shower 
  • Ceiling Lamp 
  • Ventilation Fan  
  • FM Radio with Hi-Fi Speaker
  • Microcomputer Control Panel 
  • Handhold Shower 
  • Mixing Valve
  • 6 Water massage Back jet 
  • Foot massage Device
  • Steam generator 
  • Ozone Disinfection 
  • temperature Detected

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