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Media and Events

Think of a unique, short, memorable branded hash tag.

This is a vital element of our event marketing strategy—all the necessary information, social media interactions, promotion and campaigns will be tracked using this hash tag, so we want to invest an appropriate amount of time and effort into making it great.

Branded event hash tags are designed to help attendees and speakers isolate relevant information. We want the branded hash tag to be equally format-friendly for all the social networks.

During the event

We monitor and engage with attendees on social promotion & interaction.

Since, we have made social media an inseparable part of event marketing strategy, we are prepared to keep the standard high for engagement throughout the duration of the event to match our attendees’ expectations. A social relationship platform with capabilities to manage several social channels simultaneously would be useful to ensure anyone don’t miss any social messaging. We track interactions with our brand through search streams tracking the official brands during the promotion stage of the event.

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