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  • Spa Bath Controller
  • Spa Bath Controller
  • Spa Bath Controller
  • Spa Bath Controller

Spa Bath Controller
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Function Operating Instruction

Button Backlight Function:
Touching any Button when the system power on, The backlight will light for 5 seconds. The low-light state is in order to make sure the user will see the button function clearly when there is not enough light. Now press the power button on, the backlight is in a high-light state. And the screen will show the current temperature. That’s mean this system has already started, the user can press any button function.

Underwater light function
Press the light button to open the underwater light function, it can be used in any time when the system is on.

Function Summary

• ON/OFF/Unlock Function
• Color LED display (all function menu, time, figure display)
• Cycle cleaning function
• Underwater Light
• FM/CD and outside CD power supply
• Thermostatic Heating (The max power is 6 KW.)
• Water pump includes water pump 1, water pump 2, 3, (The max is 2.5 HP)
• Windpump (The max power is 700W)
• Ozone function
• Choosing (110V – 220 or 220V-230V or 110V)
• FM self-existence selection program
• Over Temperature protection function
• You can choose °C / •F
• Anti-freeze function
• Self-locking protection. Press the ON/OFF to open the lock continue
• Choosing a double controller to operate

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