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  • Steam Generator SSEL-300
  • Steam Generator SSEL-300
  • Steam Generator SSEL-300
  • Steam Generator SSEL-300

Steam Generator SSEL-300
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The Steam bath is totally different from bathing. A system generator located outside the steam room itself produces clouds of soothing steam in which to bathe. The 100% humidity means that for most people, the bathing temperature is most comfortable at around 40ºC-45ºC.

Steam Bathing is an excellent treatment for respiratory problems, pain relief, and grant better immunity, it enhances the detoxifying capacity of the skin by opening pores and flushing impurities from the body, it revives tired and strained muscles after physical exertion. You will discover that a steam bath ahead of bath times is an excellent method of promoting a deep restful sleep. 

The bathing timing limit is 10-15 minutes. Do not push your body beyond its comfort levels. Drink plenty of water before and after the steam to the bath is to replace fluids lost during bathing.

We are counted among successful Manufacturer, Importer, and supplier of a steam bath. The steam bath is basically designed by us keeping in mind the various requirements of the client to relieve stress. It is very affordable and hence can serve to every class of people. The material used by us in making Steam Bath is of supreme quality. 

Steam Generator Technical Data 
KW Rating Max Recommended Room Volume Cu.Ft Steam Out-Let Supply Voltage (v),50Hz Phase MCB Amps Rating MCB Type Wire Size mm Dimension
A x B x C
4.5 80-100 1 (20mm) 230 Single 32A DP 4 22"x6"x15"
6 120-140 1 (20mm) 230 Single 40A DP 4 25"x7"x15"
9 180-200 2 (20mm) 415 Three 40A TPN 4 27"x10"x19"
12 240-270 2 (20mm) 415 Three 63A TPN 6 27"x10"x19"
15 300-330 2 (20mm) 415 Three 63A TPN 6 30"x13"x23"
18 300-400 2 (20mm) 415 Three 80A TPN 6 30"x13"x23"


Control Panel Dimension
Name  Dimension (in mm)
A x B x C
Control Panel 4.5" 125 x 90 x 35
Control Panel 7" 205 x 150 x 40
Box Size 4.5" 155 x 113 x 35
Box Size 7" 250 x 200 x 50


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