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  • Room Air Purifier
  • Room Air Purifier
  • Room Air Purifier

Room Air Purifier
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Keep the air in your room fresh and the sound minimum so you can enjoy a good sleep all night, breathing clean air that is free of germs and allergens. This portable room air purifier is designed to give you a comfortable sleep all through the night. Air Purifiers are specially designed to bring clean & healthy air to all interiors. These improve the quality of air and keep dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen & allergies away. Sleek and smart in their looks, Air purifiers not only purify the air effectively with their unique 5 Step Purification system but also add style and glamour to the interiors

Material  ABS & Metal
Color  White
SENSOR Type Dust / Air Sensor
MOTER Type AC motor 
Power  75W 
Voltage  220V-240V 
Effective area  40 sq m (430 sq ft) 
CADR  308m³/h
Weight  6.3kgs
Max noise  65dB

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