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Water Curtain
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Description:- Creates a curtain of water flowing down fine nylon threads, can be designed for various height and curtain diameters. One of the most elegant water-features for an indoor space with any height. Ideal since water flowing down the string does not need a large basin at the bottom due to an almost negligible splash.
Due to the water flowing along the threads the sound level is very low even for very high water effects.

Size:- Available in a wide variety of sizes.
MOC:- GI / SS pipe with machined brass nozzles.
Custom:- Water curtains can be customized for various sizes & no. of nozzles.
Type:- Installed in a way that the water flows down from the ring to the pool along the strings.



SPA Code MODEL A Inlet (B) No. of Nozzle
NOZ39.01 W. C. Ring 450/56/25 0.45m dia 25mm 56
NOZ39.02 W. C. Ring 600/75/25 0.6m dia 25mm 75
NOZ39.03 W. C. Ring 900/113/25 0.9m dia 25mm 113


Flow Rate For water Curtain

MODEL W. C. Ring 450/56/25 R. C. Ring 600/75/25 R. C. Ring 900/113/25
Fall Ht. (in m) LPM LPM LPM
3.00 62 83 125

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