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Water Blade
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Description:- Produces a clear unbroken sheet of water when installed at the prescribed height.
The nozzle is designed to create a smooth untroubled flow of water from the lip of the nozzle. Care is not be taken to side the pump correctly to get the correct results.
The sound effect of this nozzle can be very high so care needs to be taken while choosing this for areas where low sound effects are desired.

Sizes:- Available in 1m and 1.5 width

MOC:- FRP with SS Frame.

Custom:- Can be customized for different widths but not exceeding 1.5m inlet location and size can also be customized

Type:- The nozzle is installed inside the wall at the prescribed height with the lip  at least 25mm out of the wall


SPA Code MODEL A Inlet (B)
FRP2.10 Water Blade 1000 1.0m 1 x 40mm
FRP2.09 Water Blade 1500 1.5m 2 x 40mm


Flow Rate For Water Blade

Spray Ht. (in m) LPM LPM
0.50 66 100
1.00 150 225
1.50 250 375
2.00 580 870
3.00 1050 1575


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