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  • Jumping Jet With LED Light
  • Jumping Jet With LED Light
  • Jumping Jet With LED Light
  • Jumping Jet With LED Light

Jumping Jet With LED Light
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Description - Produces a clear laminar stream of water, which can be ‘cut’ into streams of various sizes using a cutting mechanism and creating the effect of a jumping rod or blob of water which visibly feels like its jumping from one point to the other. The length of the rod and the distance of the jump can be controlled. The internally placed LED light creates a highly attractive effect at night. Can produce a very interesting water pattern when installed in multiples of 4 or more.

Sizes - Available in 10mm bore size with a max throw of 2.5m length by 1.25m height

MOC - SS, Machined Brass, Cast Bronze & FRP.

Custom - All Programmable water features are custom designed.

Type - To be installed in a specially designed pit with water level below the nozzle.


SAP Code Model A Inlet (B)
NOZ19.02 Jumping Jet within LED Light 3W 400mm 20mm


Flow Rate For Jumping Jet Nozzle

Model Jumping Jet For Nozzle Jumping Jet For Nozzle
Max.Ht.(in m) Max.Throw.(in m) LPM
0.05 1.00 40
075 1.50 48
1.00 2.00 56
1.25 2.50 60


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