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  • Bathtub Controller Round
  • Bathtub Controller Round
  • Bathtub Controller Round
  • Bathtub Controller Round

Bathtub Controller Round
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Function Description:-
1. Colorful light function
2. Water Pump
3. Wind Pump
4. Thermostatic Heater function
5. Ozone function
6. Auto lock key function
7. Lack of water protection function

Function operation description:-
In-state of power on, press any keys the blue backlight will light, press power key it will start the system with the red indicator will light, and open all the functions, press power key again the system will power off, and close all the functions.

2. Underwater Light
The underwater light will start when the system was powered on, and also it will close when the system was powered off.

3. Water Pump
Press the water pump key will be start (or close) the water pump function. This function is controlled by the water level. When the bathtub is in full water and through the water level detection, the water pump can work when the bathtub has water. The water pump cannot start if the bathtub lacked water or the water level circuit has troubles. This water pump is no output and the blue indicator will flash.

4. Wind Pump
Press the windpump key each time can exchange between starting wind pump or closing wind pump.

5. Light
Press the key light each time can switch between light on and light off.

6. Thermostatic Heater function
In-state of water pump starting, press thermostatic heater function key each time can exchange starting or closing thermostatic heater function. When the water level was open and when closing the water pump, the system will automatically close the thermostatic heater function, and the heater has no output. That is the thermostatic heater is controller by the water level, water pump protection.

7. Ozone
When the system was powered off at the bathtub has water, do not cut off the power supply, the system will automatically start ozone function. And the systems will automatically close the ozone function after working 15 minutes. (Remark: The ozone function cannot start at the bathtub has no water or cannot detect the water level.

8. Auto lock key function
In-state of system on, the system will automatically lock the system function if no operation on control panel within one minute, all the function key has been locked and cannot operate. Pressing the power key again for 2 seconds will release the lock keys and the function operation can recover.


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