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Sand Timer
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FINO Quality

Built of beautiful pine wood this sand timer is assured to make a great addition to any sauna. This sand timer measures approximately 15-minute intervals. The selected tempered glass provides both beauty and durability that will not fog up even in the steamiest of saunas. Pre-marked hangers make installation quick and easy.

Functional And Stylish

This sand timer is shaped like an hourglass. The beautiful blue color offers a great contrast that draws the eyes and makes a perfect addition to complete a residential or commercial sauna. The sand timer is built on a swivel that can very easily be flipped to be reset once the time is complete. A must-have for any sauna.

• Measures Time in Sauna
• Built on a Swivel that can be Flipped Easily
• Dimensions: 8"L x 3"W x 3"D

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