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  • Traditional Sauna Bath
  • Traditional Sauna Bath
  • Traditional Sauna Bath
  • Traditional Sauna Bath

Traditional Sauna Bath
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Traditional Sauna:- Soothing the mind and body, a sauna, increases blood flow circulation bringing nutrients to subcutaneous and surface tissue resulting in a glowing healthy skin, regulates metabolism, promotes the natural healing process eventuating quicker recoveries from fatigue and injury etc. Likewise, granting the pleasure of stretching out, relaxing and completely cleansing yourself.

Specification:- Sauna Room is constructed using a frame work 35mm x 50mm pine wood cross sections at a distance of 450mm x 450mm (c/c). the entire surface is covered with 25mm  thick resin bonded high-density glass wool wrapped in aluminum foil. The entire frame os sealed with water proof, the inside of the sauna room is then covered on all six sides (including floor & roof) by 12mm x 95mm & For Floor & Bench 18mm x 95 pine wood strips using tongue & groove joints. Louvers are provided for balanced ventilation.  

KW Rating Max Recommended Room Volume Cu.Ft Supply Voltage (v),50Hz Phase MCB Amps Rating MCB Type Wire Size mm Dimension
4.5 135-150 230 Single 32A DP 4 15"x10"x20"
6 180-200 230 Single 40A DP 4 15"x10"x20"
9 270-300 415 Three 40A TPN 4 15"x10"x20"
12 370-400 415 Three 50A TPN 6 15"x10"x20"
15 450-500 415 Three 63A TPN 6 15"x15"x20"
18 550-600 415 Three 80A TPN 6 20"x20"x20"

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