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Room Door Bell
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Hotel Doorbell System Touch Panel with Room Number in Plastic Outline Frame Touch operation Once visitors touch the surface of the Outdoor panel, the doorbell chime will ring. If hotel guests do not want any disturb, he/she just touch the icon in Indoor panel. Then an indicator on the outdoor panel will show to tell others DO NOT DISTURB. It is the same case for the makeup button of the touch panel.

  1. WEAK Electricity touch type
  2. Do not disturb and make up room function.
  3. Room number indicator
  4. LED back-light indicator attendants can clearly aware of the request to need to be cleaned up.

Panel Material Acrylic / Tempered Glass
Operating Temperature 15 C ~ 60 C
Voltage A/C 220V
Power Consumption(24h) < 1W
Service Life Touch Unlimited Use
Relay Contacts 100,000 Times
Bottom Box Installation 86*86mm Bottom Box

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