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Rain Curtain
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Description:- Same as the water curtain except for the waterfalls free and not along strings. Need a larger basin due to the splash created by the free-falling water.
High level of sound created by the falling water.

Size:- Available in a wide variety of ring diameters.
MOC:- GI / SS pipe ring with machined brass nozzles.
Custom:- Rain curtains can be customized for various sizes (circular or straight line) and no. of nozzles.
Type:- Installed in a way that the water flows down free from the ring to the pool.


SPA Code MODEL A Inlet (B)
NOZ40.01 R. C. Ring 450/56/25 0.45m dia 25mm
NOZ40.02 R. C. Ring 600/75/25 0.6m dia 25mm
NOZ40.03 R. C. Ring 900/113/25 0.9m dia 25mm


Flow Rate For Rain Curtain

MODEL W. C. Ring 450/56/25 R. C. Ring 600/75/25 R. C. Ring 900/113/25
Fall Ht. (in m) LPM LPM LPM
3.00 68 90 136

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