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Dandelion Nozzle
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Description - This nozzle consists of a large no of independent nozzles mounted on top of a central cast Bronze ball. Depending upon the adjustment of the nozzle tips the effect can change from fine mist to a fine film of water creating a large ball of mist or bell effects that look very appealing especially when lit at night. The visibility of the ball with multiple arms when not in operation is a drawback of this nozzle and its use is preferred in public parks or play areas. This nozzle requires clean filtered water in the pool and a very fine mesh screen on the pump suction to keep the nozzles from getting blocked with debris.

Sizes - Available as a full ball of 1m to 3m or a Half ball of 1.5m to 2m

MOC - Cast Bronze, Aluminum, Machined Brass. With brass or chrome finish on the ball and nozzle tips and powder coating on the Aluminum arms.

Custom - Length of arms can be customized to vary the overall ball

Size. Type - Water level independent (no change in water effect with varying water level)


Model A Inler (B) No. Of Arms
Dandelion 3/71 3.0mm 65mm 71
Dandelion 2/71 2.0mm 65mm 71
Dandelion 1.5/71 1.5mm 65mm 71
Dandelion 1/35 1.0mm 50mm 35
Half Dandelion 1.5/47 1.5mm 50mm 47
Half Dandelion 2/47 2.0mm 50mm 47


Flow Rate For Dandelion

Model LPM
Dandelion 3/71 1065
Dandelion 2/71 1065
Dandelion 1.5/71 1065
Dandelion 1/35 525
Half Dandelion 1.5/47 705
Half Dandelion 2/47 705


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