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Crown Ring
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Description - The crown rings produce a fine circular water pattern using multiple clear stream nozzles mounted on a single ring. The direction adjustment of the nozzles can create various effects such as an inward crown, outward crown, vertical crown, inward weave or outward weave.

Sizes - Crown rings are available in a wide variety of ring diameters and pipe sizes with a variety of inlets sizes.

MOC - GI / SS Pipe ring with Machined Brass nozzles

Custom - Crown rings can be customized for various ring diameters and nozzle bore

Sizes. Type - To be installed in a way that the ring is either embedded in the civil structure or is below the water and only the individual nozzles are visible above the water.


SAP Code   Model A Inlet (B) No. Of Nozzles
NOZ38.01 Crown Ring 1.25/24/25 1.25m dia 2x25mm 24
NOZ38.02 Crown Ring 2/36/25 2.0m dia 2x25mm 36
NOZ38.03 Crown Ring 3/65/40 3.0m dia 2x40mm 65
NOZ38.04 Crown Ring 4/75/40 4.0m dia 2x40mm 75
NOZ38.05 Crown Ring 5/95/50 5.0m dia 2x50mm 95
NOZ38.06 Crown Ring 6/115/50 6.0m dia 2x50mm 115
NOZ38.07 Crown Ring 7/130/50 7.0m dia 2x50mm 130


Flow Rate For Crown Ring

Model LPM
Crown RIng 1.25/24/25 127
Crown RIng 2/36/25 270
Crown RIng 3/65/40 598
Crown RIng 4/75/40 795
Crown RIng 5/95/50 1131
Crown RIng 6/115/50 1495
Crown RIng 7/130/50 1833


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